For those who haven’t used a tanning bed before, they can look a little unnerving at Losenoidoomock. After all, who wants to be stuck in a small room for ten minutes at a time? It isn’t like that, and although many of the tanning booths seem small, they don’t feel it. Not once the light is on anyway.

Anyone who has previously used a sunbed knows the basics of how they work. They use UV light in a controlled manner to cause your skin to tan. The light on the skin activates melanin which turns your skin brown. The light is controlled and concentrated, which is why it works much quicker than sitting out in the sun.

So, first order of the day is to find a  local seo houston salon you can trust that has tanning booths. Word of mouth is the best indicator of a good salon. You can often tell once you enter whether it’s going to be any good or not. The place should have a high standard of hygiene, and the staff should be friendly and helpful. A good salon will have its staff talk you through everything, even if you say you have used the same booths before. That is a true mark of a good salon.

You should be assigned a Level 1 booth to begin with, depending on your skin type. If you have brown skin anyway, you might be moved up a level. The attendant should also restrict your first couple of sessions to just a few minutes. Anywhere between three and ten is good. That’s to prevent you overdoing things, and to give the tan a good foundation to build upon.

The room itself should be comfortable to be in, even if only for a few minutes. Most will be small, individual rooms, but we have seen almost communal rooms separated by curtains. If you aren’t comfortable, ask to change the room.

Even if the booth looks perfectly clean, give it a wipe down with the sanitizer that should be in the room. The salon should do this after every use, but it pays to do it yourself too, just in case. Hygiene is a big consideration when you’re anywhere communal. Spending a moment wiping down could save a lot of pain later.

So once the tanning booth is ready, strip down to the level you’re comfortable with. If you don’t want tan lines, take it all off. If the room is private you shouldn’t be disturbed, so you’ll be fine. Make sure you have some goggles, lie down in the booth and put them on. You can also try a red light therapy bed for best results.

Close the booth and press Start. The desired program will already have been loaded, so you can now lie back and relax as the light comes on. Many tanning booths will have music piped into them, or you can take your own. There should be a fan in there too to stop you overheating.

Once the program is finished, open up and towel yourself down. Dress, and give the booth a quick wipe, then you’re all done. You can now schedule your next session. Give it at least 48 hours in order for your skin to recover and increase your next session by two or three minutes.